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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


So , today is sunday , january 27 to be specific. I have kept this kit more than a year , why now , well new kits to my HG collection keep comming , not as often as i like to but ... One of the reasons why i haven't build this beauty is lack of space , it's not the biggest MG in kits history , but sure with effect parts one of the widest . As usual Bandai provides an gorgerous art on box .
I have to admit , i'm not getting 1/100 so often , but back then this one was on sale , about 2,400 yens , i mean why not?? Suit looks great , it's MG , price is right , sure pilot was an asshole, but hey  - i don't care of such things ;) 
Ok, next step amount of parts , after F.A.Z.Z. MG nothing can amaze me much i believe , not like i'm planing get a PG , then perhaps , perhaps ;) Even Kuro was shocked a little , after all it's he's first MG :) 

Yeah same impresion when i have recieved an F.A.Z.Z.  ... well i hope it will be a more pleasant build , shorter for sure :)       
Ok , i started following manual and dig for body unit. It's funny , every time you start to build MG , you almost always find something new , inner frame like a small maze , you always discover something new , always have a chance to forget place missed part ...... at least i suffer this  :) But comparing to HG it's more exciting , of cource HG always will be numero uno in my heart :) 
Yes Kuro-chan just a huge help for me , who else would agree to help me in build? SD Exia ?? Not likely , since i gave him a beam hawk he only up to destructive works .....  Ahem , as you can see i did straight building , nothing else , except panel lining , hate do panels on complete model , still there and here several nub marks are left ... well can't blame myself , comparing to my first 10-20 models those not suffers from deep cuts anymore :) Some improvement i'd say :) The finished body looks great , i really like design , a little reminds me of Legend Gundam body .... ahem do i am only one who considers Legend - wierd name for ms??
It seems sunday takes it's time :) 
The more i build , more i wanna finish it as soon as possible , big mistake . As longer you work , faster become tired , and tired you usually do more mistakes .... Well , i decided to take some short brake , not sure if i will doing something more today , was planing to return to Arkham City and kick some clown asses xD 

And as a sample , you can see my little helper desperate fighting tiredness , poor thing i guess will call it a day , my tired and twisted mind sometimes can create a monster wich even i , creator will be not able to stop. Destiny Kuro , one of those wich can destroy galaxies on it's way . On other hand Kuro Destiny type is excellent counter part to this menace ! Pitifully but both cannot exsist in this reality ....
The head construction is simple , i'm glad they included separate face mask (tears ) effect , i have strong feeling HG doesn't has it .... well it's painting time again Bandai .... Hands in credit was really funny and interesting to build , no problems at all , just had to be carefull in snapping parts together :)  Shoulders also hasn't any problem or time consumption , easy and quick build so far. 
             Monday 28th .....
so it's true , another monday , not like i have a reason to dislike it ... but all odds shows only misfortunate events lead so far ..... hard beginning of something , perhaps peoples reacting to others because of left weekends any moments , whatever it was it's somehow negatively reacts to surroundings today ... monday. 
Well , it's always ends up like stupid misunderstanding , like my package from Japan come to my country last friday , yes nobody bothered to deal with this last business day so it had to remain at custom , well i can see it's status online .... and this is bothers me very much , the item was sent by a person , not organization or some online store , was marked as gift .... and online pass shows requirement in declaration .... WTF??? Seriously , when we start to do our jobs as it must be?? I think not soon , all what left is to wait for message from post office and in return i'll sent them warm answer.... i think 
But , meanwhile - legs was finished , despite all i planning to finish and torso and who knows perhaps even backpack :) 
... but it's all after lunch and proper rest .....
January 29 ... 
....wae horrible day , headache was pursuing me all day .... couldn't even have a touch on my Destiny longer than 5 min .... still had few joyfull moments 
And have finished this magnificent kit. The only thing wich has left was decals and markings , no big deal i did this today with light hand :)
Of cource i had few moments in question about building crazines bandai inovated in it's hip area , but it's something i can turn blind eye on easily , after all with action base it comes , looks just outstanding :) Really pleases me , i did good choice , building progress wasn't long , i haven't did any improvements or minor painting , just several stickers (first of there was a whole sheet of them but i decided to not trouble myself and choosed only ones i really like) and we have good looking mobile suit , not big fan of it's pilot but nah , left him inside cocpit , not like i gonna ever open it ;) 
I f someone ask me how would i rate this gunpla , i said 8/10 , a good grade . 
And for last moment , of cource happy face of Kuro , i finished one of few MG kits i had in my unbuild kits pile and now thinking about getting an HG and repaint it ... i think , well thanx for reading :) Cheers !

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