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Sunday, 29 January 2012

,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 2''

Whoa!! Today is cold :) I like when in winter i experience a clean , white , soft snow, but can't stand against big cold weather waves , and seems those waves are really trying to cover my living place.
- 25 degrees , that's not so bad as it might look like bad believe me it's just when there is no winter blowing around at high stakes ..... then it's cold hell .... brrrr. But , enough about that , still need to remind myself to take few , maybe couple of photos , this blog not about the weather around globe .... or is it:)
So as i promised to myself i continue to post my collections and stuff -
i proudly present -
- ,,My First Collection Part 2''

it's just a second album of buble-gum stickers , this time it's more little by little from all kinds , tough at end are few big almost completed parts. Please do not pay attention to different sizes, colors of my blog , it's just an experiments , but soon it will become a full-worth blogs series :) Enjoy. Iki.

Friday, 27 January 2012

,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 1''

So it has began , i usually try to keep my promises and easily getting upset if couldn't make them out.
So today is promised day. Long time ago , it's sounds too formal but i have to start that way , in place i am leaving wasn't many objects for hobbies , someone was collecting beer cans (in my region about 1980-1985 it was a rare find) , someone bottle caps , and many of those years teen-agers various stickers. Especialy buble gum stickers , not sure if that was popular in other regions but hear it was something new. Those stickers where comming in various themes , Power Rangers , Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , Transformers and etc . Mean that times i have collected pretty solid collection . 2 normal fat-hard cover albums , and big amount of stickers with added to them albums . ( this line seems not sounding right , but hey ?) With age passion to this stuff faded .
Nevertheless , i still keeping those little pieces of paper as memories of old good moments i was experienced recieving them.
Forgot to mention !!! The first part video of first album is here , so please do a pic , who might know , maybe you like it :)
Comming next - ,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 2''

,,Hard Candy''

I really having an hard times to starting something ,,new'' . It's like walking in water , longer you keep-up , the tiresome it becomes. Like now i'm not sure if i making any sence .....
Yes, i know , i made many promises about starting new line of blogs , and every time after some miss-event gaving-up so easily delaying promised stuff.
Hard , it's too hard to start , began something for person like me , not sure why , but probablly it's phobia versus responsability. I have more phobias , and not feeling so proud to writing about this.
Why i decided to break ,,ice'' and move on? No it's not related to any important event , not even sign from above (aliens?) , it's just me.
Should i start from introducing myself (again have to ,,start'' somehow) , in second thought - what it gives you good? Do you need this? Or perhaps i doing it's to myself , of selfish desires? Who might answer, not me , at least not now.
What kind of blogs i planing to post? Various about everything surrounding me and at same time nothing. What the point of this? Simple to let world see how different could be and the same peoples living in different spot of our planet.
Still i planing to keep specified profile for blogs. My life something about 15-20% , and rest is all about my collections and hobbies , and believe me i have varios stuff to perpetuate.
And it takes me in my past. From every start of getting interested in something.
I don't think i should start anouncing something. Who knows what i face tommorow ? But honestly - i try to keep up and improve my personality , and ofcource english skills . Have to warn you - i do not accept negative critisizm lightly, but alway accept friendly tips.
More , i always gladly promise to answer in all (almost) questions. Tough , do not expecting to recieve any in comming half year..... not quite optimistic :) well welcome to my little corner on this planet .
,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 1'' is comming soon !