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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

FINAL FANTASY CREATURES KAI VOL.4 - OMEGA WEAPON - Another day series . - Day 2- (28/8/12)

So finally i opened the box (actually yesterday ;) and build up this beauty :) I can't name it buid ptrogress , just snaped few parts and voilia -
Figure looks just great ! I was never complaining about Kai series figures , and now i have 3 of the best badass creatures from most favorite FF series :) Hope next one arrives soon , but this is asecret .
Though looking at pictures i noticed lack of taking picture in better quality , or my camera (iphone) not the best one , or perhaps lighting problem . Well at least it's more-less showing it's real beauty . In the end , not much of recommendation , just another nostalgic -must have item for fan of Final Fantasy series , and this is not end :)  For now i take my till next time and posting this super ;) creative picture ;) Cheers. 

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