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Sunday, 15 September 2013

A comeback ? Really??

Yes it is , at least i think about this nowand i'm not drunk at moment! Shame really , like moon in silent night without stars , cute ans sexy ones only :)
Ok , as far i haven't proceed further - warning - no picture , no banners no stupid , no sily , no any crazy stuff for now! I have hard times to comeback and don't wanna been followed by bunch little kids wich only cares about various stupid pictures posted without a reason .
Except this kind and many others! Yes i'm the boss and what i do! I have no idea why white kitty in cup with dogs pictures , i think it is a racism ! And f**k you peoples !! I don't know where you got idea that worms can see under ground?? In the final they taste as equally!
I think i should start where i left.... Ah yes Gametrailers , it was nice start , a yard full of douchebags and few brilliant peoples i have honor to call brothers . Shame really such community was erased like gomora and sodoma  by .... some nerds. Well , they took our last but couldn't grab our souls , naked souls ! 
But enough about distant past , no point in chasing horizont - it's too wide and impossible to reach anyway.  I'll try to cut all my thoughts in pieces sections , cakes ... no , this i consider as phorbiden and deal with alone . So in short sections. Entertainment , life , movies and life. If i remember something else , ah i forgot mention life , i'll add later on so you all of good folks i never saw befor , proly , proly can navigate like in my home when i hold shotgun and smile wide open. :) 
Earlier , yes .. this month kicked my ass definetely too hard , then laughed with this ugly laugh ... i hae this , this is part of life , ugly always diturbing , waking you up in midnight and asking about all kind of shit! F**k you !! Ok?? No ? , i really don't care , but have to deal with . We have only 2 options - dealt with it or be dealt by it ..... usually we always go outside and just do not realise being owned , sometimes slowly ( bich takes pleasure) sometimes instant - in this case life goes like uppppps ! - i didn't noticed you! Yeah right...
Problems ... i dunno i think it will be a new section for blogs or i'll just leave this in life section ... anyway , i really complain about my life a lot , usually to myself , sometimes in front of my plush teddy Bear (name) , he strong nerve person , cold gutted basterd and soft like cloud! Always listen to me while i drink alone.
So , one of major problems are caused by my work , it's wide , very wide and freaking ugly part of my life , but fact is i can't survive at the moment ( my tickets ... ah , didn't won anything) without it , and every day , every unbearable moment i put this smilling mask on my face , clench my theets and sell myself to evey , every persone wich point in me. Yeah , come , come show you ugly nature , spill me with poison you brought , i know not all of them are so bad , and even some nice peoples but it is straining me every day . I have to fight , like i have choice... or i have it?? No my dear SPAS12 it's early , sorry for waking you up , sleep tight . On top of all bullshit admistration tries to spill on innocent me i often cross my section coo-workers , those bitches .... just those bitches are irogant , corrupted , selfish rags ! How many times i rushed to help them , lift heavy objects , cover them , support them - all for nothing . All played only by mood . Do this , go there. I fyou think i'm unfair - heres exceptional sample- those rags decided to not greet co-workers durning b-days!? Wtf? You say? And this decision come straight in week before my bday??Why? Well i'm not complain here , i just want to face to world those ... those  ... meaningles householders witches , i didn't take this personal but those rags even not noticed me about decision , meanwile week earlier celebrated bday , welcome to my world ..... i can't chang much also i realise to telling to much about dirty cloth deals but this one ugly side of my life. Oh well , my drink won't be spoiled by then ever!!
Actually i have much more complains about my work , just don't wanna share for moment. Maybe one day. Sad day. Accidents , thank to wich i feel pain in some cold days and crap. 
What to tell good , pleasant and funny? Would be easier to regale everyone with hazelnut butter sandwidches and watch you forgetting about all unpleasant and sad things you undergo today but butter is mine and luckly i have two barrels ! Shoo ! I'll catch you later with empty dish from under butter and i think i'll bring some chains ..and pictures to keep you busy after fighting for leftovers of butter ... Cheers . I think i like it , this my side . I'll might get used to this place. Cheer!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New gaming entry !!!

So , i'm not doing this often or regulary , i just get some new games to my collection only occassionally if i have some spare mone (rarely:() , or have been sold something on ebay , it's happens also only occasionally . But i did a nice pick up , both games are really good choice , and price was right too :) The biggest problem was Batman Arkham City GOTY edition , i already had an dlc game on my PS3 and thought i will be allowed to transfer all my achievements to same title with bonus content , i was wrong . Game uses same trophies , yeat save data comes somehow different and not allows to choose or use achievements from old game. No matter after all it's a great game and i will gladly spent my time playing it again . 
It seems we with Kuro share similliar interests :) Neat :)


So , today is sunday , january 27 to be specific. I have kept this kit more than a year , why now , well new kits to my HG collection keep comming , not as often as i like to but ... One of the reasons why i haven't build this beauty is lack of space , it's not the biggest MG in kits history , but sure with effect parts one of the widest . As usual Bandai provides an gorgerous art on box .
I have to admit , i'm not getting 1/100 so often , but back then this one was on sale , about 2,400 yens , i mean why not?? Suit looks great , it's MG , price is right , sure pilot was an asshole, but hey  - i don't care of such things ;) 
Ok, next step amount of parts , after F.A.Z.Z. MG nothing can amaze me much i believe , not like i'm planing get a PG , then perhaps , perhaps ;) Even Kuro was shocked a little , after all it's he's first MG :) 

Yeah same impresion when i have recieved an F.A.Z.Z.  ... well i hope it will be a more pleasant build , shorter for sure :)       
Ok , i started following manual and dig for body unit. It's funny , every time you start to build MG , you almost always find something new , inner frame like a small maze , you always discover something new , always have a chance to forget place missed part ...... at least i suffer this  :) But comparing to HG it's more exciting , of cource HG always will be numero uno in my heart :) 
Yes Kuro-chan just a huge help for me , who else would agree to help me in build? SD Exia ?? Not likely , since i gave him a beam hawk he only up to destructive works .....  Ahem , as you can see i did straight building , nothing else , except panel lining , hate do panels on complete model , still there and here several nub marks are left ... well can't blame myself , comparing to my first 10-20 models those not suffers from deep cuts anymore :) Some improvement i'd say :) The finished body looks great , i really like design , a little reminds me of Legend Gundam body .... ahem do i am only one who considers Legend - wierd name for ms??
It seems sunday takes it's time :) 
The more i build , more i wanna finish it as soon as possible , big mistake . As longer you work , faster become tired , and tired you usually do more mistakes .... Well , i decided to take some short brake , not sure if i will doing something more today , was planing to return to Arkham City and kick some clown asses xD 

And as a sample , you can see my little helper desperate fighting tiredness , poor thing i guess will call it a day , my tired and twisted mind sometimes can create a monster wich even i , creator will be not able to stop. Destiny Kuro , one of those wich can destroy galaxies on it's way . On other hand Kuro Destiny type is excellent counter part to this menace ! Pitifully but both cannot exsist in this reality ....
The head construction is simple , i'm glad they included separate face mask (tears ) effect , i have strong feeling HG doesn't has it .... well it's painting time again Bandai .... Hands in credit was really funny and interesting to build , no problems at all , just had to be carefull in snapping parts together :)  Shoulders also hasn't any problem or time consumption , easy and quick build so far. 
             Monday 28th .....
so it's true , another monday , not like i have a reason to dislike it ... but all odds shows only misfortunate events lead so far ..... hard beginning of something , perhaps peoples reacting to others because of left weekends any moments , whatever it was it's somehow negatively reacts to surroundings today ... monday. 
Well , it's always ends up like stupid misunderstanding , like my package from Japan come to my country last friday , yes nobody bothered to deal with this last business day so it had to remain at custom , well i can see it's status online .... and this is bothers me very much , the item was sent by a person , not organization or some online store , was marked as gift .... and online pass shows requirement in declaration .... WTF??? Seriously , when we start to do our jobs as it must be?? I think not soon , all what left is to wait for message from post office and in return i'll sent them warm answer.... i think 
But , meanwhile - legs was finished , despite all i planning to finish and torso and who knows perhaps even backpack :) 
... but it's all after lunch and proper rest .....
January 29 ... 
....wae horrible day , headache was pursuing me all day .... couldn't even have a touch on my Destiny longer than 5 min .... still had few joyfull moments 
And have finished this magnificent kit. The only thing wich has left was decals and markings , no big deal i did this today with light hand :)
Of cource i had few moments in question about building crazines bandai inovated in it's hip area , but it's something i can turn blind eye on easily , after all with action base it comes , looks just outstanding :) Really pleases me , i did good choice , building progress wasn't long , i haven't did any improvements or minor painting , just several stickers (first of there was a whole sheet of them but i decided to not trouble myself and choosed only ones i really like) and we have good looking mobile suit , not big fan of it's pilot but nah , left him inside cocpit , not like i gonna ever open it ;) 
I f someone ask me how would i rate this gunpla , i said 8/10 , a good grade . 
And for last moment , of cource happy face of Kuro , i finished one of few MG kits i had in my unbuild kits pile and now thinking about getting an HG and repaint it ... i think , well thanx for reading :) Cheers !