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Friday, 22 October 2010

Gundam Strike Aile MG

Hi, not long ago i finished my 4th MG gundam plastic kit .
Master Grade - Gundam Strike Aile , why i choose Strike? Well there is not so many reasons , first one - i really like it's design , simple bright ms, perfect for begining , plus Aile backpack gives him nice look. Sure second reason it's ofcourse is a price , even for me (including shiping , customs ) it is acceptable item .

So , here we go i got a big box and big moments of joy, to be honest it was hidden in box for weeks , i was too excited to start and finish it too fast, so tryed to avoid it as much as i could . Well can't blame man for love to hobby.)
What we got in box? Usual MG stuff , runners - trees , manual , if it is 30th anniversary edition - extra tree with clear parts .... oi oi , waste of plastic to me.) And !! Plus bonus nicelly carved launch pad for Strike! Thankfull to Bandai again! I really apreciate when along with kit they put a stand , i could save so many money , and save place for all my gunpla.... sigh, nevertheless this edition of MG just simple and great!! Altough it took about day (panel lining and decals apllying process can be annoying.) i had a lot of fun , every kit has something unique
in building process and that what keeps me running for now in this big cruel world.
So to ending this blog i can say it is a very sucsesfull product in all meanings , all i need is now to fully assemble .) And it will be only next week.) And now Strike peacefully rest in bottom of my drawer.)
And for bonus gonna reveal next prject on wich im working at moment .)
So it will be special Hobby Magazine kit i won on ebay bid - Hazel gundam . Wich i will review next week .)