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Thursday, 24 June 2010

My worl of hobbies.

Nowdays everyone are occupied by varios kinds of problems wich like wind blow all we care far away. And maybe i am wrong and not all of us had a hobby at begining? My little Nirvana, uhmm it's really hard to say when i started to collect something , the fact is that was thing i liked and cared much. Past those all years (and there was a lot) i had many types of collections , stickers, toys , comics, pocket calendars and more.)

But , as you all noticed time takes our prcious time, at least most of us ending up in everyday routine forgeting all we once cared. Sad indeed, still i believe there is more peoples like me , dreamers wich still have sparkle wich takes us far away and let's forget about all problems, at least for a while.

Not long ago , and yet it was a long period of time now....whatever!) So i encountered a popular franchise original started in Japan (amazing peoples btw!) The Gundam , many of you for sure know what it tastes.) There tons of content based on this mega-popular franchise, anime , books, manga, toys, figures, games, plastic models and more.

My interest concentrated on models, specialy plastic kits from HG (high grade) series of gundam varios stories. Sadlly, but it took a while for me to get my very first HG kit , about 3 year ago, for my age i think it's a little too late , so in order to collect all i want it take me ages, and tons of cash , wich i really am short on.( Plus on top of all i have to order all stuff i want from foreign countries, so it cost me extra money for shipping.( Yet i found some time and funds to make my day colorfull.) And now i have not small collection of gundam kits and more.)

Peoples don't throw your dreams away!! Find new way to express them.)

Let's build! Starting from this blog i little by little will present my collection , so really be happy if someone finds it interesting.)