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Sunday, 7 August 2011

MWHU (MyWorldHobbyUniverse) project.

That's right , from other week i will start an diary type blogs series , and it will be not only about hobbies (well hobbies in first place) , but also about my worldview. So, sometimes it will be getting boring , sometimes interesting , sometimes familliar , well i should say we'll see :)
So , i better start to planing and less promising , see ya :) (probablly it will be just me at beginning , well it's kinda diary , in the end i will have something to remmember:)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Anime corner : IRON MAN. (2010)

Be or not to be a Iron Man ? Todays question.
Yes, it's happens . Marvel superheroes landed on Japan. Boy i was excited ! Im big fan of coolest Marvel heroes , plus i god-like good anime !! An finally MadHouse studios making an anime about Iron Man!!!
Yeah reaction was so powerfull , i like crazy was searching for articles , news , spoilers , all itought it must've be an awesome .
How naive i was , how deeplly i grown dissapointed every episode i had to swallow so difficultlly .... And year ago , that trailer was so promising .. , it was so awesome ... and turn out like this .
The first episode started almost promising , tough was weird to hear Tony Stark talking on japan , he cool , what else y
ou can expect from man wich buided Iron Man armor. Plot was upcoming slowlly but promising . Until bad guys appear on scene , i dunno why MH created new badguys instead of using classic like Living Laser or Crimson Dnamo , but happens weird stuff new super organization arrised from shadows right in the same moment when Stark stepped on land of rising sun. Later things getting worst , so called ,,Zodiac" organization ( as i mentioned , they quicklly builded whole crime web) started they moves , that's where things started droping in all matters of quality . First ,enemies easy beating gears from Iron Man . Second , they just poor excuse comparing to classic villains , giant flee , big cube , and few like normal looking freaks . Third , in all ,,kick-me" situations Stark finishes them off with single blow , but only in the end?! Is that some ,,limit'' system from rpg games? I dunno , but sure looks like . Fourth, nonsense in story line , the high armed group attacking a poor vilage? You gotta be kidding m
e , why in the world drop millions costed weaponry on no strategicall value owned vilage?
But , after all nonsenses i encountered in whole anime was one good moment , the japan made samuraish Iron Man prototype . That was new and only one reason wich could to keep fans till end.
Pitifully , but project whitnesing by my eyes failed . My personal overall would be 4/10.
If you
really wanna see Iron Man in really worth action , packed with classic villains , with good computer animation i sugest you to watch - Iron Man Armored Adventures .
Sur it's about teennager Tony Stark , but atleast story , action, look , all are worth of trying to enjoy. Also Modok is there too:)
Story , surprisingly for cartoons is quite strong , there no blood , but animeish version also was avoiding serious matters in violence .
Sure , there also is a third option to enjoy standart Iron Man version we all got used to , a new released cartoon series
Avengers : Eart's mightiest heroes . Is also has good story line , tough this one loosing to both from earlier in look , it drawed in classic style , not much of beauty , but still so far looks good . ( Tough probablly i will not review last two in my blogs at least not dedicated for group)
In the end , we had a dream , then sudenlly had to awake and took reality as it is , real and less colorfull , what next? Yes, Wolverine anime series , it's hard to say how it's turns out , but old men beated Logan in bare hands battle ? Something wrong , i just hope it will be not too wrong.
Peace. Not gonna purchase it to my anime collection , no