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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gunpla issue number 1!

Yes it happened , the very first my issue about gunpla world i see , and not only gunpla)
Hobby diary also is equal word for this event . So let's started!!

First i will present you very begining of UCHG (high-grade-Universal-Century) kits line!
Number 001 - Guncannon!
Weird isn't it ? Very first hguc series line started with this ,,
fire extinguisher,,, Bandai released it in 1999 may , why they
started like this i dunno , one thing for sure hguc era started !!
Well , itself guncannon isn't special in any ways mobile suit , the whole design (wich i don't like ) it's too bulky and toghether too round . Color scheme is fine red , but in my
opinion suitable colors would be darker ones. Can't say for sure how good was first hg kit , but fact is it is he who started to make hobby world more ac
ceptable for wider audience.
So final verdict , im not pleased with this repellent lo
oking design and not planing to add him to my growing
hg collection , still in fact there always are peoples who enjoy him.)
Big - NO!

More upcoming news ...................................
The gamer corner news .
As we all know new
game was released in days ( in glorious Japan ofcourse.) Dynasty warrior gundam 3 ( Gundam musou 3) . .
The long waited sequel is finally takes spin , and bandai promising for us a lot of fun , i hope .)
First thing is game look, all was changed to cell shading , game just looks super-great , boy how i hated that false shining on DWG2 !!
But graphic is not important as - yes playable ms !! So far there spoted quite a bunch of newcomers , i don't wanna ruin someones expectations too early coz all my info is purelly available for ev
eryone , all you need just take you shovels (keybords.) and dig hard. The good news, in
my opinion, appearance of new grunt mobile suits as -
- Acguy from original gundam series ,
- Kapool from Turn a gundam,
-Ginn from Seed series .
Tough something wories me from beginning , im missing grunts from Wing series !! Also Exia wasn't announced?! Can we expect DLC ? Worthy this time , and not super difficult mission pack , ok im serious downloadable mobile suits.!
Well it's hard to say something more for now , one thing sure after game will be released in english regions im gonna order it !
Next - HG Gunpla new releses upcoming this is -
Gundam X Divider.
And -
Nobel Gundam.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The real gunpla review!

Well , from today i decided to wrote a whole bunch of blogs dedicated for gunpla. Why? Well it will be like my own personal diary , my toughts about bandai products , and im going to start from bottom , a very begining of gunpla odysse. How it will work out? Who knows .)
Warning for all those who think that i will erote or present real reviews, please do not missguide youreself !! It will be MY very personal toughts , view targeted toward that magnificient world of hobby!
Of cource , i have to mention about content of this series of blogs , some of the i will dedicate to gunpla , and that doesn't means my interests to purchase one , no i will look at what i see in them , what i like , what i dislike , what i found interesting buiding in progress . So it will be specific blogs, and how i mentioned before i will wrote blogs not only about model kits , about most of my collection , games , movies cards and etc. So it will be like hobbist diary only public.) Hope someone enjoy, but it's not a big deal if not it stays a diary . Of cource , i will accept all opinions , ideas how improve , after all im trying to evolve here .)
So till next blog.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Gundam Strike Aile MG

Hi, not long ago i finished my 4th MG gundam plastic kit .
Master Grade - Gundam Strike Aile , why i choose Strike? Well there is not so many reasons , first one - i really like it's design , simple bright ms, perfect for begining , plus Aile backpack gives him nice look. Sure second reason it's ofcourse is a price , even for me (including shiping , customs ) it is acceptable item .

So , here we go i got a big box and big moments of joy, to be honest it was hidden in box for weeks , i was too excited to start and finish it too fast, so tryed to avoid it as much as i could . Well can't blame man for love to hobby.)
What we got in box? Usual MG stuff , runners - trees , manual , if it is 30th anniversary edition - extra tree with clear parts .... oi oi , waste of plastic to me.) And !! Plus bonus nicelly carved launch pad for Strike! Thankfull to Bandai again! I really apreciate when along with kit they put a stand , i could save so many money , and save place for all my gunpla.... sigh, nevertheless this edition of MG just simple and great!! Altough it took about day (panel lining and decals apllying process can be annoying.) i had a lot of fun , every kit has something unique
in building process and that what keeps me running for now in this big cruel world.
So to ending this blog i can say it is a very sucsesfull product in all meanings , all i need is now to fully assemble .) And it will be only next week.) And now Strike peacefully rest in bottom of my drawer.)
And for bonus gonna reveal next prject on wich im working at moment .)
So it will be special Hobby Magazine kit i won on ebay bid - Hazel gundam . Wich i will review next week .)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

My worl of hobbies.

Nowdays everyone are occupied by varios kinds of problems wich like wind blow all we care far away. And maybe i am wrong and not all of us had a hobby at begining? My little Nirvana, uhmm it's really hard to say when i started to collect something , the fact is that was thing i liked and cared much. Past those all years (and there was a lot) i had many types of collections , stickers, toys , comics, pocket calendars and more.)

But , as you all noticed time takes our prcious time, at least most of us ending up in everyday routine forgeting all we once cared. Sad indeed, still i believe there is more peoples like me , dreamers wich still have sparkle wich takes us far away and let's forget about all problems, at least for a while.

Not long ago , and yet it was a long period of time now....whatever!) So i encountered a popular franchise original started in Japan (amazing peoples btw!) The Gundam , many of you for sure know what it tastes.) There tons of content based on this mega-popular franchise, anime , books, manga, toys, figures, games, plastic models and more.

My interest concentrated on models, specialy plastic kits from HG (high grade) series of gundam varios stories. Sadlly, but it took a while for me to get my very first HG kit , about 3 year ago, for my age i think it's a little too late , so in order to collect all i want it take me ages, and tons of cash , wich i really am short on.( Plus on top of all i have to order all stuff i want from foreign countries, so it cost me extra money for shipping.( Yet i found some time and funds to make my day colorfull.) And now i have not small collection of gundam kits and more.)

Peoples don't throw your dreams away!! Find new way to express them.)

Let's build! Starting from this blog i little by little will present my collection , so really be happy if someone finds it interesting.)