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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New gaming entry !!!

So , i'm not doing this often or regulary , i just get some new games to my collection only occassionally if i have some spare mone (rarely:() , or have been sold something on ebay , it's happens also only occasionally . But i did a nice pick up , both games are really good choice , and price was right too :) The biggest problem was Batman Arkham City GOTY edition , i already had an dlc game on my PS3 and thought i will be allowed to transfer all my achievements to same title with bonus content , i was wrong . Game uses same trophies , yeat save data comes somehow different and not allows to choose or use achievements from old game. No matter after all it's a great game and i will gladly spent my time playing it again . 
It seems we with Kuro share similliar interests :) Neat :)

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