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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gunpla issue number 1!

Yes it happened , the very first my issue about gunpla world i see , and not only gunpla)
Hobby diary also is equal word for this event . So let's started!!

First i will present you very begining of UCHG (high-grade-Universal-Century) kits line!
Number 001 - Guncannon!
Weird isn't it ? Very first hguc series line started with this ,,
fire extinguisher,,, Bandai released it in 1999 may , why they
started like this i dunno , one thing for sure hguc era started !!
Well , itself guncannon isn't special in any ways mobile suit , the whole design (wich i don't like ) it's too bulky and toghether too round . Color scheme is fine red , but in my
opinion suitable colors would be darker ones. Can't say for sure how good was first hg kit , but fact is it is he who started to make hobby world more ac
ceptable for wider audience.
So final verdict , im not pleased with this repellent lo
oking design and not planing to add him to my growing
hg collection , still in fact there always are peoples who enjoy him.)
Big - NO!

More upcoming news ...................................
The gamer corner news .
As we all know new
game was released in days ( in glorious Japan ofcourse.) Dynasty warrior gundam 3 ( Gundam musou 3) . .
The long waited sequel is finally takes spin , and bandai promising for us a lot of fun , i hope .)
First thing is game look, all was changed to cell shading , game just looks super-great , boy how i hated that false shining on DWG2 !!
But graphic is not important as - yes playable ms !! So far there spoted quite a bunch of newcomers , i don't wanna ruin someones expectations too early coz all my info is purelly available for ev
eryone , all you need just take you shovels (keybords.) and dig hard. The good news, in
my opinion, appearance of new grunt mobile suits as -
- Acguy from original gundam series ,
- Kapool from Turn a gundam,
-Ginn from Seed series .
Tough something wories me from beginning , im missing grunts from Wing series !! Also Exia wasn't announced?! Can we expect DLC ? Worthy this time , and not super difficult mission pack , ok im serious downloadable mobile suits.!
Well it's hard to say something more for now , one thing sure after game will be released in english regions im gonna order it !
Next - HG Gunpla new releses upcoming this is -
Gundam X Divider.
And -
Nobel Gundam.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The real gunpla review!

Well , from today i decided to wrote a whole bunch of blogs dedicated for gunpla. Why? Well it will be like my own personal diary , my toughts about bandai products , and im going to start from bottom , a very begining of gunpla odysse. How it will work out? Who knows .)
Warning for all those who think that i will erote or present real reviews, please do not missguide youreself !! It will be MY very personal toughts , view targeted toward that magnificient world of hobby!
Of cource , i have to mention about content of this series of blogs , some of the i will dedicate to gunpla , and that doesn't means my interests to purchase one , no i will look at what i see in them , what i like , what i dislike , what i found interesting buiding in progress . So it will be specific blogs, and how i mentioned before i will wrote blogs not only about model kits , about most of my collection , games , movies cards and etc. So it will be like hobbist diary only public.) Hope someone enjoy, but it's not a big deal if not it stays a diary . Of cource , i will accept all opinions , ideas how improve , after all im trying to evolve here .)
So till next blog.