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Sunday, 15 September 2013

A comeback ? Really??

Yes it is , at least i think about this nowand i'm not drunk at moment! Shame really , like moon in silent night without stars , cute ans sexy ones only :)
Ok , as far i haven't proceed further - warning - no picture , no banners no stupid , no sily , no any crazy stuff for now! I have hard times to comeback and don't wanna been followed by bunch little kids wich only cares about various stupid pictures posted without a reason .
Except this kind and many others! Yes i'm the boss and what i do! I have no idea why white kitty in cup with dogs pictures , i think it is a racism ! And f**k you peoples !! I don't know where you got idea that worms can see under ground?? In the final they taste as equally!
I think i should start where i left.... Ah yes Gametrailers , it was nice start , a yard full of douchebags and few brilliant peoples i have honor to call brothers . Shame really such community was erased like gomora and sodoma  by .... some nerds. Well , they took our last but couldn't grab our souls , naked souls ! 
But enough about distant past , no point in chasing horizont - it's too wide and impossible to reach anyway.  I'll try to cut all my thoughts in pieces sections , cakes ... no , this i consider as phorbiden and deal with alone . So in short sections. Entertainment , life , movies and life. If i remember something else , ah i forgot mention life , i'll add later on so you all of good folks i never saw befor , proly , proly can navigate like in my home when i hold shotgun and smile wide open. :) 
Earlier , yes .. this month kicked my ass definetely too hard , then laughed with this ugly laugh ... i hae this , this is part of life , ugly always diturbing , waking you up in midnight and asking about all kind of shit! F**k you !! Ok?? No ? , i really don't care , but have to deal with . We have only 2 options - dealt with it or be dealt by it ..... usually we always go outside and just do not realise being owned , sometimes slowly ( bich takes pleasure) sometimes instant - in this case life goes like uppppps ! - i didn't noticed you! Yeah right...
Problems ... i dunno i think it will be a new section for blogs or i'll just leave this in life section ... anyway , i really complain about my life a lot , usually to myself , sometimes in front of my plush teddy Bear (name) , he strong nerve person , cold gutted basterd and soft like cloud! Always listen to me while i drink alone.
So , one of major problems are caused by my work , it's wide , very wide and freaking ugly part of my life , but fact is i can't survive at the moment ( my tickets ... ah , didn't won anything) without it , and every day , every unbearable moment i put this smilling mask on my face , clench my theets and sell myself to evey , every persone wich point in me. Yeah , come , come show you ugly nature , spill me with poison you brought , i know not all of them are so bad , and even some nice peoples but it is straining me every day . I have to fight , like i have choice... or i have it?? No my dear SPAS12 it's early , sorry for waking you up , sleep tight . On top of all bullshit admistration tries to spill on innocent me i often cross my section coo-workers , those bitches .... just those bitches are irogant , corrupted , selfish rags ! How many times i rushed to help them , lift heavy objects , cover them , support them - all for nothing . All played only by mood . Do this , go there. I fyou think i'm unfair - heres exceptional sample- those rags decided to not greet co-workers durning b-days!? Wtf? You say? And this decision come straight in week before my bday??Why? Well i'm not complain here , i just want to face to world those ... those  ... meaningles householders witches , i didn't take this personal but those rags even not noticed me about decision , meanwile week earlier celebrated bday , welcome to my world ..... i can't chang much also i realise to telling to much about dirty cloth deals but this one ugly side of my life. Oh well , my drink won't be spoiled by then ever!!
Actually i have much more complains about my work , just don't wanna share for moment. Maybe one day. Sad day. Accidents , thank to wich i feel pain in some cold days and crap. 
What to tell good , pleasant and funny? Would be easier to regale everyone with hazelnut butter sandwidches and watch you forgetting about all unpleasant and sad things you undergo today but butter is mine and luckly i have two barrels ! Shoo ! I'll catch you later with empty dish from under butter and i think i'll bring some chains ..and pictures to keep you busy after fighting for leftovers of butter ... Cheers . I think i like it , this my side . I'll might get used to this place. Cheer!

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