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Sunday, 29 January 2012

,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 2''

Whoa!! Today is cold :) I like when in winter i experience a clean , white , soft snow, but can't stand against big cold weather waves , and seems those waves are really trying to cover my living place.
- 25 degrees , that's not so bad as it might look like bad believe me it's just when there is no winter blowing around at high stakes ..... then it's cold hell .... brrrr. But , enough about that , still need to remind myself to take few , maybe couple of photos , this blog not about the weather around globe .... or is it:)
So as i promised to myself i continue to post my collections and stuff -
i proudly present -
- ,,My First Collection Part 2''

it's just a second album of buble-gum stickers , this time it's more little by little from all kinds , tough at end are few big almost completed parts. Please do not pay attention to different sizes, colors of my blog , it's just an experiments , but soon it will become a full-worth blogs series :) Enjoy. Iki.

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