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Friday, 27 January 2012

,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 1''

So it has began , i usually try to keep my promises and easily getting upset if couldn't make them out.
So today is promised day. Long time ago , it's sounds too formal but i have to start that way , in place i am leaving wasn't many objects for hobbies , someone was collecting beer cans (in my region about 1980-1985 it was a rare find) , someone bottle caps , and many of those years teen-agers various stickers. Especialy buble gum stickers , not sure if that was popular in other regions but hear it was something new. Those stickers where comming in various themes , Power Rangers , Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , Transformers and etc . Mean that times i have collected pretty solid collection . 2 normal fat-hard cover albums , and big amount of stickers with added to them albums . ( this line seems not sounding right , but hey ?) With age passion to this stuff faded .
Nevertheless , i still keeping those little pieces of paper as memories of old good moments i was experienced recieving them.
Forgot to mention !!! The first part video of first album is here , so please do a pic , who might know , maybe you like it :)
Comming next - ,,The Chapter #1 My First Collection Part 2''

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